The Necro-Incubator



Talk to the Nomarkh Khabash at the Necro-Incubator.


You really are in high demand!

The workers at the Necro-Incubator have just requested that we send you over to help with a project. Don't argue with them or they might turn you into some monstrous experiment. Just kidding!

When you get there speak to Nomarkh Khabash. He runs the place and should be able to tell you what's going on.


While the League is providing tons of support to those Elven demonologists, we here at the Necro-Incubator are forced to fund most of our own research!

To make matters worse, the local cemetery has been depleted and experiments on prisoners of war have recently been forbidden by the Imperial government.

Actually, we were able to make a little deal with the local authorities as to the prisoners, but we'll come back to that later!

At the moment we're hoping your help will make our next project so successful, the authorities will have to be inspired to give us more funding!


Experience: +345

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