A Bomb for the Blues



Plant the Model Bomb inside Mondovi Fortress and report to Yasskul Menkheperre.

  • Ship boarded
  • Courtyard infiltrated
  • Model Bomb planted


Now it is time to assault Mondovi Fortress. If you manage to complete the next task I have for you, your training will be completed and it will be a full and definite victory for the Reds.

Listen up carefully. I am about to give you a model of a powerful magic mine. Once you board that Astral ship over there it will take you to the allod where the fortress is located. As soon as you disembark, the Blues will attack you on sight. You are allowed to use any methods possible to repel them.

Your task is to break through to the center of the fortress and set up the model there. As soon as you do this, the neutral observer inside will announce a victory for the Reds! And then that's it, you'll be a hero!

I'll tell you a little secret - many years ago I was also a new recruit of the Red battalion. That year we also crushed the Blues, and I would really love to see our flag flying above the parade grounds once again. Don't let us down!


Wow, you're here already? Did you set the bomb yet?


Great job! That means you are entitled to another new promotion. Too bad there's no time to celebrate - the battle alarm was just sounded.

A few Astral ships from the League tried to land nearby, but most of them were defeated out in the Astral. Unfortunately one ship got through to Lookout Isle and now it's crawling with their soldiers.


Experience: +840

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