Strange Cultists



Cultists... Why would any reasonable creature worship demons, those who try to destroy the world? Or even worse, why would they help them? Who are these people? Madmen, fanatics, the outcasts of the world? Or do their actions have some sort of eerie, inexplicable reason behind them?


You have solved the mystery "Strange Cultists".


What have you brought me this time?


Yasker told me you were coming.

Technically, I can't accept this mystery. It poses more questions than gives answers. But who am I to contradict Yasker?

He thinks that what you did is very valuable for one simple reason: now we know how to plan the future actions. Yes, we must solve the "Master's" mystery.

All the Imperial forces will be thrown at this! I'm sure you won't want to sit this one out.

And that would be a whole different story.


Experience: +110

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