The Xadaganian Great Mage



Kill Gorluxor and bring his head to Crazystorm the Merciless in Nezebgrad.


Have you ever heard of Gorluxor? No? You should learn more about the history of our country. He plays quite a role in our past.

When Nezeb set out for the Great Astral Campaign, he left Yasker to rule in his place. When Nezeb disappeared, a Great Mage named Gorluxor sought to defy Nezeb's will and seize power over the Empire.

The short-sighted human only tried to gain the support of the Xadaganians, ignoring the Orcs and the Arisen. While they didn't have as many rights as the Xadaganians at that time, the opposition of the Orcs and the Arisen proved to be his downfall. He lost his bid for power.

He disappeared shortly afterwards, and for many years no one has seen or heard from him. But now it appears that he's back and the leader of an army of cultists. I suppose his thirst for power never vanished, and now he's determined to subdue the entire world.

We must defeat this monster together. I will be by your side when the battle commences. I fear this foe may turn out to be even more dangerous than Voisvet. After he's slain, cut off his head immediately so that he may not resurrect. Deliver it to Crazystorm the Merciless when you're done.


Why are you here and not in the Holy Land like other true Imperials?


Whose head? Gorluxor's?! Woohoo, my birthday came early this year! Great job!

This head is worth its weight in gold! Gorluxor is Yasker's sworn enemy! And now he's dead?! Kickass! I can't wait to tell him!


Experience: +5175

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