Alarming Information



Meet with Mikhail Selyaninov at Maddox Depot on the northern coast of Eljune. Tell him about the demons and cultists that have been found in the Holy Land.


Oh, what are we going to do? I don't want my men panicking for no reason, but we need to get to the bottom of this. Ugh, why couldn't these cultists and demons wait until after I retire?

This calls for an expert opinion. We could always call in the hunters... But certain parties won't be happy with that at all...

So here's what we'll do. Go to Eljune, that's the territory west of Asee-Teph. Along the northern coast there's a League outpost, headed by Mikhail Selyaninov.

He's an old soldier - he even lived through the Great Astral Campaign itself. If there's a demon expert in our ranks, it's him. So let's let him deal with this... With your help, of course.


Look who finally decided to join us! What took you so damn long? Do you have any idea how many reports I've had to send, asking for reinforcements?!

Why you're out sun tanning, we're on our last leg here, fighting off the demons! Don't talk back to me! You're from Asee-Teph, you have no idea what it's like over here on the real frontlines!


Experience: +6660

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