Rest in Peace



Kill Fatass, an orc zombie on the Isle of Perils, and report to Puff the Forester.


Here's the deal. Apart from the dead, there's an orc walking around on the Isle of Perils. Big and mean and with a fat ass. Tep decorated him all right. With cables all over, an urn for a head, hands and feet in shackles and some wires sticking out his ass, he looks worse than our very own Zem. Don't know which clan he belongs to, but I was scared witless once I saw him. He walks around the ruins mumbling something... Man, is that the way an orc should die? It's a shame - his ancestors must be choking on tears and snot in the afterworld.
Listen, if you ain't scared, find and finish off the poor bastard. Better to croak in battle than walk around like that and go foul. Keep in mind, though: he's a big fella, you won't take him down in a fair fight. Get some tough guys to help you beat the crap out of him. And I'll give you a nice reward. We have a deal?


An orc zombie, imagine that! I can't frigging believe it, seven hells!


He done for? May he rest in peace, man. He may have been a cultist, but I wouldn't wish that sort of death on the biggest asshole. Here, take it as promised.


Experience: +5890

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