Tensess' Testament



Relay the words of Tensess to Yasker, the leader of the Empire.


So, you came to save me? Thank you brave hero, although it's the world you should be concerned about, not me.

You might have noticed that the demons started resurrecting after death. Their goal wasn't to destroy me - it was to learn to use the power of the Light for themselves. They were very close to fulfilling their goal, too.

Once I gave the gift of life to the world. Now it's time for me to give another gift - the gift of death. My death. Don't worry, my Gift won't disappear after I'm gone. The power of the Light shall remain, but with my death it can no longer become their prey.

And as for me - my life was long and wonderful. I was able to fill the world with Light for many years, and so I have no regrets. Please do not grieve for my loss.

I have one more thing to say before I go - the League and the Empire must unite! The demons are still a threat to this world, and without unification they cannot be defeated. Please relay my last testament to your leader. Now, I must bid you farewell...


Tensess is dead? This is horrible news for every creature in Sarnaut!

...What's that? In Tensess' last testament he told us to ally with the League? That can't be right. That's ridiculous! Well, maybe we can discuss that more later. Right now we must mourn Tensess' loss.


Experience: +5175

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