A Father's Anxiety



Look for Tamara Byvalina near the Demonic Gates.


Alright, it's time to send you on a real mission. My daughter Tamara came to Yazes Shard with me. She's an excellent saboteur, and she was sent to explore some strange activity near the Demonic Gates. Unfortunately she never came back.

I know in my heart that Tamara is still alive. While the odds are not in favor of her survival, I beg you to investigate her disappearance. Go to the Demonic Gates and see what you can find.

And if you happen to meet some soldiers of the League please stay your weapons. Here in this land they are not our greatest enemies. We might even have to cooperate with them if things continue to get worse.


Ah, you've come looking for Tamara?

Well, we have some good news for you. She's being held in our camp under the pretense of being a prisoner. However, in reality she's there to communicate with Svarog, so tell Byvalin not to worry too much.

One more thing. Svarog believes that the time has come for the United Array to reveal itself.

Enough of this hiding! We must fight this battle together!


Experience: +14945

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