The United Array



Kill 12 Wicked Demon Mages and relay the Ear Family's message to Evgeny Byvalin.


Things on this allod are only getting worse! Just imagine - the League and the Empire fighting together, just as it was forty years ago! Imagine the things we could accomplish!

Just look how many demons there are around here. Every day they continue to pour out from the ruined city just beyond the Demonic Gates. Right now we can barely hold our ground, much less defeat them.

If you care about the future of Sarnaut, join the United Array and help soldiers of any race to fight these demons. If you agree, then I'd suggest you start by clearing out some of the demon mages around.

When you're done, return to the Imperial Settlement and tell Eldar of our message. Tell him not to worry about his daughter, and that the time has come to unite once again!


Well, did you find my daughter? She wasn't captured by the cultists, was she?


She's in the hands of the League, eh? Well, she'll be okay as long as Svarog's around. This is truly for the best if it means helping the United Array.

As I'm sure the Ears Family already told you, the United Array is an organization created by members of both the League and the Empire to fight the demons. It was formed by veterans of the Great Astral Campaign when it became clear that the demonic threat had not been eliminated.

"United we stand, divided we fall!" That's our motto. If we don't unite, the demons will destroy both the League and the Empire. It's a pity that most of our leaders are too caught up in politics to understand. That's why our organization is a secret for now.


Experience: +14945

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