A Disturbing Find




Ask Elizaveta Rysina about her conclusions.


Hmm... this isn't just a book. There are dates, summaries about the cult, demons, missions... It appears to be more like a diary of their activities!

Let's flip to the part about their most recent mission... It says that some "master" ordered them to find Tep. Apparently his power could make him an ally or a problem. The passage goes on to say that this "master" ordered them to gather information about Tep.

Apparently those who aide in this task will be granted access to a "Seventh Circle". It seems to be some sort of elite privilege. I wonder if it would allow you to enter the Demonic Gates. Hmm, I need to think about what all this means.


You must gain the cultists' trust at any costs. You need to gain the power of this "Seventh Circle" so that you can get past the Demonic Gates. That means you're going to help them with this mission. Gather information about Tep for their master. I think I know a few places you should start looking.


Experience: +250

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