A Dangerous Meeting



Go to Yazes Shard, summon a demon along the northeastern shore, and give him all of the information about Tep.


You now need to make contact with this "master". More precisely, with his henchmen. You have to give them everything you gathered from all of your heroic adventures.

Fortunately the Teonomicon lists a way to get in contact with them. You need to go back to Yazes Shard. On the northeastern shore there is a place where they conduct rituals. If you use the ritualistic dagger to make a cut in your palm at this location, one of the demons will be drawn to you.

Hm. I don't know much about the demons' customs. It's probably best for you not to say anything. Just bow your head, give them the items, and see what the demon says. Hopefully they'll give you a key to the Demonic Gate.




Hm, the flesh of Mor'Ghuun, the papers of Tep cultists, and one of Tep's devices. Well done. The master will be pleased with your work.


Experience: +250

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