The Minotaur Mercenary



Kill Rama the Cruel and inform the Mousetrapper Family.


Thank Tensess! I was certain that my hour had come... My comrades and I were escorting Voisvet Belov, the High Knight of the Church of Light, to the heart of the Temple. The Historians' mercenaries were hot on our trail, so several of us volunteered to stay behind and hold them off.

We fought like lions, but a few mercenaries still managed to break through our ranks and continued after Voisvet. I'm especially worried about Rama! He's a minotaur, a real monster! If you're planning on going further in, you better be ready for a tough fight.


Is Rama near? We could hear his terrible roar a minute ago. What a dreadful beast!


Wow, only a true hero could be capable of defeating Rama! That beast is worse than any rabid dog! He should be locked up in a zoo, not put on a payroll! When he started roaring and dragging those horns across the walls with sparks flying everywhere, we thought that we were done for!


Experience: +6660

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