The Search for Voisvet



Find Voisvet Belov, the High Knight of the Church of Light.


We were in Voisvet's party and as soon as we entered this room a group of cultists jumped out at us and a struggle broke out!

No one knows how they got here or what they want. Voisvet ordered us to return to camp and report on all this. But on the way back we were ambushed by the Historians' mercenary squad. We tried telling them about the cultists, but look at what it got us!

What are w going to do? We've got orders to complete!

Oh, but don't worry about us, you should look go on in and find Voisvet - he might need your help!


Voisvet's final order came from the other side of this magical barrier. He said that we must inform the League ambassador that cultists have infiltrated Tensess Temple and that we must learn how they got there and what they are planning!

Later, we found a group of cultists not far from here and was able to captured one prisoner. But, unfortunately, he swallowed some sort of poison before we had the chance to question him. The rest absconded into the Temple depths. And something tells me that there are plenty more of them in there!


Experience: +6660

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