Good Tidings



Speak with Klavdius Trojanov about all the information obtained from Horatio de Desirae.


I must learn the nature of this magical barrier and whether it can be broken or perhaps disabled.

While I do that, you should go speak with your ambassador and tell him that the conflict between the League and the Empire has been settled.

That we need to pool our forces together in the fight against the cult! This is the will of Voisvet Belov and Vissarion Arhivin!


We've managed to remain on the Historians' good side, that's some damn good news!

Now we must turn our attention to those demon worshippers. It would've been nice to put those scoundrels out of their misery ages ago, but we were too engrossed in our war with the Empire.

And now this is the result - cultists in Tensess Temple! And us with zero information on either their numbers or the tools at their disposal. What a mess!


Experience: +6660

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