Vissarion Arhivin



Find Vissarion Arhivin in Tensess Temple.
  • Enter Tensess Temple


You need to meet with Vissarion Arhivin, the Chairman of the Historians, at once! We don't know what other surprises the Empire might have in store for us. What if they assassinate him in the Temple and then lay the blame on us! Or perhaps Nefer Ur will find him first and win him over to their side with his lies and deceit. Whatever the case may be, the sooner you meet Chairman Arhivin, the better.

The main Temple entrance is guarded by the Historians, but there are two other entrances. They, too, used to be guarded by the Historians' mercenaries, but there's no one there anymore.

We must use this hole in their defense to enter the Temple and seek out Arhivin. He needs to learn about the Empire's treacherous ways right away!


Voisvet Belov and Vissarion Arhivin met in this very place. They engaged in a lengthy discussion and eventually came to an agreement.

I fell behind a bit, for I spotted an ancient structure and wanted to take a closer look. I also thought it would be wise to not intrude on their discussion.

Then Vissarion and Voisvet started through this hallway and at that very moment, a magical barrier appeared behind them, cutting me off from the rest of the party. I tried to break through the barrier, but nothing worked! So I was forced to stay behind.


Experience: +6660

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