At the Temple's Doorstep



Speak with Klavdius Trojanov at the League outpost near Tensess Temple.


After hearing Leonore de Delice's story, I've no doubt that our mercenaries were attacked by Imperial soldiers.

And yet, unfortunately, I'm not authorized to make decisions on matters of this magnitude. You should seek out Vissarion Arhivin at the Temple and speak to him yourself.

But be sure to talk to your diplomat before heading out. Now that we've stopped being mediators in this conflict between the League and the Empire, only he can permit you access to the Temple.


Did the mercenaries let you through to the Historians' base? What did Arhivin say?

...Ugh! His leaving for Tensess Temple isn't good. The sooner we close the chapter on this nocturnal raid business, the better. But hey, it is what it is!

Though I wonder what Vissarion Arhivin wants in the Temple?


Experience: +6660

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