The League Herald



Travel to the Historians' base and seek out Vissarion Arhivin.


This poor captive's testimony outweighs all of the Empire's lies! Go to the Historians' base, seek out their Vissarion Arhivin, and tell him everything we now know.

It's just too bad that we're not dealing with Zayan de Desirae. Now he would've taken our plea to heart, no doubt about it. Let's just hope that this Arhivin fellow is a Historian first and a Xadaganian second.

Oh, and don't forget this white flag. If you don't carry it the mercenaries won't let you near their base!


I'm sorry but Arhivin isn't here. Can I help you with something? Ah... Well, after the night attack, Arhivin declared a state of martial law, gathered some things together, and made for Tensess Temple.

He didn't explain anything, but his final order was to break camp and not to enter into any negotiations. I think he'd prefer it if the League and the Empire to sort this mess out amongst themselves.


Experience: +6660

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