The Goblin Jailer



Kill Krut the Tormentor, take his Mysterious Key, and relay the information to Klavdius Trojanov.


Praise Tensess! Finally someone to share this load with! The unimaginable has happened! Recently Chairman Vissarion Arhivin arrived at the camp, and vanished just as quickly. Apparently he went into the heart of the Temple, meaning he must know how to get through the magical barrier!

But that's not all. He left a goblin in charge of the camp, without so much as talking to me first! Now Krut the Tormentor is running things. This camp has become our prison and he our jailer! He has forbid the Historians from leaving the camp! Oh, the injustice!

I fear that there is only one explanation for this - Chairman Arhivin has been bought by the demon worshippers! The Historians have been lied to! Our good name is soiled!

But the most recent crisis is that Krut is planning to deliver a batch of the Dark Artifacts into the Temple! That means he must also know how to get through the barrier. Perhaps he even has something like a key...

You must search him and then inform someone of this crisis. The Empire or the League - it doesn't matter who! Just put an end to Arhivin's schemes and clear the Historians' good name!


So, what's the news?


So you're telling me that Chairman Arhivin was siding with a hidden enemy all this time and nobody noticed anything?! Vile traitor! May he be swallowed up by the darkness! Those poor Historians. I really wouldn't want to be in their shoes...

Do you have anything else? A key? Come on now, let me see!


Experience: +5625

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