The Search for Voisvet Continues



Find Voisvet Belov in the Heart of Tensess Temple.
  • Enter Tensess Temple


Oh, I forgot the most important part! If you do manage to get inside the Temple, the first thing you should do is find Voisvet Belov! Why? Because he's the High Knight of the Church of Light, the Hero of the Great Astral Campaign, and quite possibly the leader of the entire League one day - that's why!

Now do you understand who we've got languishing away in that Temple? When you find him, tell him all you know and do whatever he asks. With him on your side I'm sure the Temple will be free of cultists in no time!


Were you able to enter the Temple?


Astral take me! What took so long?! Why was it so difficult to figure out that the Historians are the biggest scumbags in this whole story, that they're in cahoots with the cultists, that they're... ugh! I'm so mad!

Well, what are you waiting for? Tell me what in the world is going on!


Experience: +5625

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