Defeat Nefer Ur



Defeat Nefer Ur and report back to Marianne de Ardeur in Novograd.


I've had enough! While I was trapped in here those horrible Historians betrayed us! The betrayed the Light! They're ready to leave the world without Tensess' Gift, the gift of resurrection! When we manage to get out of here, I'm going to make sure all those traitors are locked up!

But that must come later. Right now we must deal with the most immediate threat. Nefer Ur, the Arisen Great Mage, is just up ahead. If he's not defeated the Empire might eventually seize the Temple, and that cannot be allowed!

The League must be the one to save Tensess and end this demonic plague. If the Empire were to accomplish this feat, they would always hold that against us. On top of that, the defeat of Nefer Ur would be a crushing blow to the Empire's morale.

When you win the battle and escape the Temple, tell everything to Marianne de Ardeur, the Divine Prioress of the Church of Light. Let the church bells ring and proclaim the victory of the Light!


May the Light be with you!


Nefer Ur has been defeated? The leader of the Arisen and the right hand of Yasker himself?! What a great victory! This news shall be spread throughout the League!


Experience: +5625

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