Holy Weapons



There is no better catalyst for progress than war! And there is nothing surprising about the fact that the war for the Holy Land gave birth to some holy weapons. What will this mean for the Empire? Self-destruction, or a long-awaited victory?


You have solved the "Holy Weapons" mystery


Ah, it's you! I trust you have another secret to tell me?


So, let me sum things up.

The holy energy that flowed through Coba Plateau manifested itself in the form of the holy weapons. The goblins tried to get rich by auctioning them off to the Empire and the League. It doesn't matter. Little did they know that the light was replaced by darkness, and the source of power was revealed. Hm...

You know, I don't like this story. It's not because it's uninteresting. Mostly, because it shows our bad side. When there's power, nobody cares where it comes from. Blood, death, despair... they become meaningless.

That's it! I will place this mystery in the "Moral Lessons of History" section. People seldom read those stories.


Experience: +110

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