A Cleric's Word



Speak to Sigurd the Swindler in Swindlerville.


Knight Labdanum and I have discovered that the undead appeared after we started sanctifying the Astral fangs and killing demons. Swindler may very well be right in his assumption that the demons and the undead are working together. We're considering every plausible theory at this point, especially since it concerns the mine and meteorite ore. An error may prove too costly, so much so that I'm willing to forget about the doctrines for the moment.

Swindler is requesting aid? Well, then he shall receive it. Go and relay my promise to him!


They've tricked us! I was counting on those League religionists to remain here and fight the undead, but it looks like they're more concerned with the growing schism in their ranks. Now they'll go back home to convene in the Church of Light Council and discuss amendments to the catechism, while I'll be stuck here trying to recapture my mine from the undead on my own.

Well, Strizhov did send us an ark with soil from the ruined League capital. It's supposedly it's his own personal shrine, and Strizhov assures me that it will help us in our struggle. Let's hope he's right!


Experience: +7590

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