Weapon Testing




Talk to Tik the Bawler on the northern edge of the Eljune Bazaar.


Now to get down to business. We need to test these highly-praised weapons before we fork over a lot of gold for them. Fortunately, Plu has agreed to give us a few samples for one of our soldiers to use until we are completely convinced of their power. And that soldier is you.

Head on over to the testing ground just to the north of here. There you will meet up with a goblin named Tik the Bawler who will supply you with the weapons. He's the barker for the auction, so make sure to take what he says with a grain of salt. Some of his sales pitches are really good.


Holy weapons are the next generation of arms! Never has such level of destruction been seen in all of Sarnaut since the Great Cataclysm! Who wins, the League or the Empire? Only the holy weapons can resolve this eternal struggle. And only here and now will you have the unique opportunity to see these wonders in action!


Experience: +7220

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