Complete the trial of the five Guards by overcoming your vices and bringing the Armor Shard you receive to the Master's Voice in the Citadel.


The fact that you listen to the Master's words and want to know the Truth is good. Not everyone is allowed to understand the revelation. I've seen hundreds and thousands of strong and confident creatures who thought that the world lied at their feet, but they all died one step away from their goal. Why? Because it is in the nature of sentient beings to neglect their weaknesses, to justify their vices and to underestimate their hidden fears.
The Master wants to try you. You will have to face your vices and fears and defeat them. If your body and spirit are strong, without sin or vices, you will achieve true magnificence.
Around the Citadel you will find five Guards. They all want to try you, to make you face your weaknesses. If you can overcome them, you will make one more step towards the revelation.
If you complete the task you will receive a shard of Zak's crystal armor. Bring it to me and I will keep it until you have collected all the shards and are ready to reforge the armor.
Go now and remember: small weak spots can cause huge troubles.


Battling against your vices is a tough battle as you are fighting against yourself!


I knew that you would succeed! The Master is never wrong and he doesn't need to test you.

This trial was for you all along...


Experience: +8525

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