A Chained Serpent



Obtain 10 chain Fragments from piles of garbage at the Dump and bring them to Spike the Forester.


Well, the lunch is gone, and the eater is about to show up. Listen, I have an idea! Let's make a trap for the serpent! You know how we'd catch drakes on Yazes Shard? No? I'll show you.
First, we need some chains. And not just any chains, but adamantite ones: this beast can't be restrained by iron or mithril. As it happens, chains are in rich supply here. Go find me some ten chains among that junk, the longer the better.


We'd often tie up drakes with ropes, but to that monster, ropes are like spider web.


Uh-huh! Nice chains. These can be used to tie up an Octulhu, let alone a serpent!


Experience: +7560

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