A Cardinal Solution to the Problem



Kill the Termite Queen and 10 of her eggs in the Termite Mound for Crazybrick the Fierce.


The worksite is beautiful! It almost makes me want to shed a tear. Those filthy goblins only understand one language - fear! But listen, I have an idea...

The termites are gone for the moment, but you know they'll just come back again and again. Until we burn their whole mound to the ground!

We need to focus on killing their queen! She's that nasty hag that lays eggs day and night. Slay her and all her eggs and then the termites will be history... Brief and bloody history.


Scumbag! Oh, no, not you, that goblin right there! Why'd you put that trowel down? If you don't pick that up I'm gonna shove it where the sun don't shine!

What termites? They ain't by the wall no more! And they'll be gone for good before long! Now, get to work, you freak of nature!


I've forgotten just how many people I've asked to kill the termite queen, but only you have actually managed to do it! I can't believe it!

Now I can finally forget about those bugs and focus on the...

Ugh, who taught you to lay lime, dummy! Do you think I'm blind?! No, these goblins will positively drive me mad! What was I saying... Oh yeah, thank you so much!


Experience: +2050

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