More Life!



Using the Swallower, gather life energy from any 10 dying creatures and bring it to summoner Nomarkh Ankh in the cultists' camp.


I know what the problem is. His Spark is too weak. It's been handled too roughly with all of the fighting and then being reborn. To be honest, I simply chose the one closest at hand. It was definitely weak. This can be fixed! We just need to fill his Spark with lifeforce.

And again I must recruit your help. Here's another amulet. This one is called "the Swallower," which speaks for itself. It absorbs lifeforce, soaks it up like a sponge. You'll only have to get close to a dying being to catch the Spark just as it leaves the body. You won't necessarily even have to kill the body yourself. It will be enough to walk around the battlefield with the amulet in hand and you will have it full to bursting. You'll see! Give it a try! The Swallower won't work on the undead, but there are plenty of other sources for Sparks around. What am I referring to? The draconids and wormfaces, of course! Just don't use any of those suicidal ones that fall on our fortifications. They won't work - too weak. You'll have to find more serious opponents. For example, how about the ones protecting the enemy camp?


Maybe the oaf needs a Spark from one of these regular skeletons. It needs a little more lifeforce!


Thank you! The Swallower is about to burst from all the life it's got! I can feel it.

Maybe it'll be hard to believe, but no one values or loves life as much as necromancers.


Experience: +8700

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