The Bitter Truth



Ask the Great Mage's soul about his surmises about the Seals and the Great Experiment.
  • Question the Great Mage's Soul


Let me refrain from mentioning my name. It's disgraced forever! What we thought of as a great triumph proved a great disaster. Not even then did I take my mistake into account, and the blood of innocents was shed again because of me... The Great Astral Campaign... The Great Bloody Campaign... No, don't ask me anything! Those are deeds of a distant past, and I had enough time to realize the depth of my degradation. And my tormentor Tep contributed greatly to that. When he incarnated in a new body, he'd often torment my incorporeal spirit with tales of his great triumph that our mistake made possible.
You already know a lot about the Seals that we knew as the Sources. A lot, but not everything!
It won't be soon before I feel brave enough to face the descendants of those who perished on my account. You will be the one to relay to them my words. Use my knowledge as you deem appropriate, but don't make our mistake again. Don't let your pride cloud your mind!


I may be dead, but I cherish hope that my death at least partly redeemed the great debt of all the Great Mages since the Cataclysm!


I don't expect you to easily believe my words. I wouldn't believe me either. But I have proof for everything I say.


Experience: +6500

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