The Bitter Truth



Ask the Great Mage's soul about his surmises about the Seals and the Great Experiment.
  • Question the Great Mage's Soul


Only dreams of imminent revenge helped me stay sane. Every hour, every minute I'd dream of wiping my boots against the mad necromancer's body. Alas, my dreams were not destined to come true, for a ghost's abilities are limited. I'll have to find satisfaction with the fact that it was the Empire that disposed of my enemy.
I won't mention my name. We were stupid and reckless to agree to Skrakan's mad venture. I'm disgraced by my infamous and useless death, but no one must know of my disgrace. To the Imperials, all who died in the astral campaign are heroes. Let it be that way. The good of the Empire is above personal ambition!
But that's not what I want to talk to you about. It's the Sources you know as the Seals that's bothering me.
While I was held in the Pyramid, I had plenty of time to think. Besides, after he incarnated in a new body, Tep would often talk to us incorporeal ones, if only to taunt us. So I had enough food for thought. And some of my conclusions are scaring even me!


I hope you're brave enough to challenge the powers that caused my death. It's you and the other heroes who are responsible for the future of our great realm. Don't betray the memory of those who gave their lives for the Empire!


I don't expect you to easily believe my words. I wouldn't believe me either. But I have proof for everything I say.


Experience: +6500

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