Destroying Tep




Destroy Tep.


Hurry! I could divert the cultists by arranging a few small but highly amusing accidents. Watching the cultists scatter from the frenzied mechanoids is such fun! It's a pity, though, they'll soon figure out what's what and come here en masse. You have very little time.
No, I'm not going with you. Frail girls like me have nothing to do with all that cold steel you love to brandish so much. Besides, I had a hard enough time of it already. The damned fanatics haven't a clue how to treat women, not even the simplest rules about not hitting them. Apparently, I made them really mad, he-he!
So go on and don't you dare croak shamefully! I spent too much time and effort on this world for some crazy old freak to turn it into a mass grave!


Freedom! Finally, I'm free again! My body may be ruined, but my spirit is stronger than ever!


Damned Tep! Our great astral campaign resulted in zilch and, to make matters worse, we couldn't die a proper death either. Years of captivity spent in that pyramid seemed like an eternity to me!


Experience: +6500

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