Lifting Up



Reach the top of Tep's Pyramid and survive the attacks of the lift keepers.
  • Top of the Pyramid reached
    (Destroy all the guards and defeat Grimnoth.)


It has been a long and risky march, yet now the victory is close at hand. All you have to do is to go upwards, to the top of the Pyramid, and fight Tep. This would be a fabulous battle, and you just have to win and save the world!
My heart is full of misgivings. The lift is the only way to get to the top, which makes it the best place for ambush. I feel the enemy will strike as soon as you get there! I should come first. I have my own tricks so I will be there before you. If there's an ambush as we expect I' ll draw them away. It's not a big deal for a child of God, after all!
When moving upwards, please stay alert. Tep has set his toy dragon loose, the one you fought with earlier. The danger's lurking around you.
Wish me good luck. See you soon at the top of the Pyramid!


Looks like I was under a delusion as to my divine powers. I can't believe they knocked me out so easily!


Tep is so smart, he knew I would be the first to get here, and that ambush was waiting for me, not you. He planned that three-headed monster would destroy you when you were moving upwards. And he wanted to catch me alive! Luckily, his plan failed.
Oh, with these wounds I cannot help you in the next battle... It hurts so bad!


Experience: +6500

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