Merciful Cruelty




Defeat Nihil and meet with Klavdia Kalugina at the lift that will bring you to the top of the Pyramid.


Does the name of Celestine de Ardeur means anything for you? No? Yet it should have. As she dreams of revenging herself upon you.
It's because of you she became a cripple confined to the Pyramid forever. Isn't it a sad destiny? Though she fully deserved that...
You know her as Nihil, a fierce servant of Tep. You fought with her to save the life of Charles de Doucer, a mechanic, amidst the astral ship wreckage. Yet I remember her as a young and enthusiastic Elven girl. Simeon de Ardeur expected her to have a great future! Well, it can be called great but not in Elven terms.
I can even guess how Tep managed to win Celestine. She has been interested in machines and devices, and Tep, despite his madness, is the best engineer ever. A genius!
Celestine was a brilliant inventor. It was she who created Caesaria, an artificial intelligence controlling the Darkblood Citadel. Now Nihil has become an artificial mind herself.
Tep has thought up a stiff punishment for her defeat. You know that cultists cannot revive, but Tep's able to return a spark into a dead body. That's what he did to Celestine! He returned Nihil to life, if her miserable existence can be called life... Tep has integrated the body of his disgraced servant into the Pyramid control mechanisms making Nihil his devoted watchdog. Can you imagine how she must be suffering, having lost the very notion of beauty.
If you can understand this, please make her death as less painful possible. I feel sorry for her. No one deserves such a destiny...


You wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy, to be confined to your creation and watch its downfall...


Finally Nihil can rest in peace... I wish I could have brought her to reason after defeat. Celestine's brilliant mind could have done many good things for the sake of beauty. What is done cannot be undone. Now you should go right to the enemy's den and eliminate this threat to the world.


Experience: +6500

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