A Key to Madness


Enter Tep's Pyramid and kill Key-Keeper and his servant, Bouncer.


It's time to make our final spurt. Tep's forces are crushed down, the remaining cultists and mechanoids drop back inside the Pyramid. It's a perfect chance for us! We have a single attempt to defeat Tep, or the whole world will turn into a tremendous burial ground.
Here's the plan: we should form two detachments. I will lead soldiers to fight Tep's main forces, while assault troops headed by you will penetrate into the Pyramid to kill Tep.
There's one more thing you should know: Klavdia decided to join the fight. Though she helped us to get out of sarcophaguses, I wouldn't completely trust her. She will meet your detachment after you defeat the guards and the Key-Keeper.
Unfortunately, we have no Pyramid's outline and only scarce pieces of information about the enemy's forces, so you should act as you see fit.
Is the task clear? Ok, let's do it. And may Tensess help us!


There you are at last! I started worrying!


Are you surprised by seeing me here? I used the orb of invisibility, of course. I've changed it a little bit, so that now it cannot hide a party of militarymen, but perfectly conceals a young lady, just like me.
OK, let me put you in the picture. Tep's den is in the upper part of the Pyramid, just beneath the spire. There are two ways that can bring you there, either through the laboratory or the control center. Whatever way you choose, you'll have to fight with the enemy waiting for you. So decide who you want to defeat more, a master of illusions or an expert in magic engineering?


Experience: +6500

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