Tep's Soul



Collect a Bottle of Sea Water, an Aviak's Feather, a Tropical Flower and a Fragment of Crystal Guard in the illusory world and bring them to Klavdia Kalugina in the Rebel Refuge of the real world.


Charles and I have studied the cultitsts' sparks. They are... Weird. Tep has changed them. We have already seen the monsters eating the sparks, yet this is something different. Looks like he deprived them of reality making merely parts of an immense dream. What do the cultists see when they fight or work for Tep? One can only guess. The illusory world is Tep's experiment, and he's not only trying to become god, he strives for making Sarnaut part of his dream!
Fortunately, this experiment is now in our hands. Tep is a creator by nature, or an artist I would say. He puts his heart into everything he creates. This will help us to break the continuity of the great dream, that started there, on illusory Irdrich.
I can make a thing that will protect you from Tep. We'll use the stuff from the wordl of illusions, all bearing imprints of Tep's soul. Let's see, a bottle with sea water, an aviak's feather, a tropical flower, a fragment of Crystal Guard. That's all.


We consider Tep a monster, a villain and a murderer. Well, he probably sees us as barbarians not able to understand the genuine art. Or he's very likely to consider us a snack.


Can you imagine that this bright feather, and this shining crystal, and this beautiful flower are all clones of Tep's soul! It's hard to believe, yet to understand it is the only way to defeat the enemy!


Experience: +4480

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