Return to the Kingdom of Illusions



Return to the Illusory Irdrich and meet with Klavdia Kalugina in Rumbling Bay.


I'll be damned! Looks like Nihaz didn't waste time on you with his stupid Show. I don't believe any of you actually reached enlightenment, but you did learn certain things. Do you know what force allowed you to completely immerse into illusion and take things from there back into reality? The very force the Great Mages use to prevent their allods from being dissolved in the Astral. The very force Sarnaut was once created with. Trust, hope and... Love, you think? Hell no: willpower. It's so alluring to feel like a creating god, right? I wonder how many self-taught tin gods like you are walking around Sarnaut now? And what will remain of it when each one realizes his powers?
But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, the world is threatened by Tep, not you. He wants to become a god real bad - and he's good at creating. Let's go back into his creation and see if it can be turned against its maker. Jump into the sarcophagus - and see you at the Imperial camp!


Welcome back! Spend some time lying in the sun under the palm trees... and think out how to spoil Tep's celebration.


Experience: +310

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