Keeper of Underground Fire




Talk to Surt and get the secret ingredient from him.


Did the Heidruns andother Gibberlings send you here? Were they afraid to come? Hmm...
Yes, heroes are not the same these days... In the old days, they came by themselves, but now... That's what quiet times mean. But if the Urun are here, then Kharyskhan has awakened again...
Where are you from? Hmm...
From outside lands? Hmm... Is there really a lot of land left? The Great Mages preserved it? I heard of them, but it was a long, long time ago...


Did it work? I didn't really believe that Surt would give us another one!
The keeper has done you a great honor, {username}. Even here few people know about the secret ingredient.
Now you are one of the chosen ones!


Experience: +131080

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