The Art of Creation



Nihaz, the God of Darkness, the Director of the great performance, demonstrates his divine power before the heroes' astonished eyes and creates a new allod out of primordial matter known as the astral. And yet his methods compel you to consider that there might be something else, something even bigger behind this act of creation....


You have solved the "Art of Creation" mystery


Wait a second. You mean to say that a new allod was created before your very eyes? Does that mean our world can be restored? Do you even understand how important this is? If only our Great Mages could make sense of the spells and powers with which this new land was created...

Bah, they won't even believe you! They'll say you've gone crazy from all your astral adventures... That the new lands and allods are mere figments of your feverish imagination... Let's do this. Go ahead and tell me everything, down to the last detail. I'll record this secret and hide it somewhere far from the public. It's just... it's too early to share such a story with them. It'd be one thing if they simply laugh in disbelief. But what if they do believe? And what if they'll want to repeat the process and ruin everything? No, no... it is still too early to give people hope of this magnitude...


Unbelievable... So it's not about divine origins or unlimited power, but only your inner strength, a belief in your cause and the passion to create? All you need is to know yourself, so as to expel all doubts from your soul? The unshakable faith...
You realize that the things you speak of are virtually impossible to achieve for mere mortals! I think that the one who comes to know themselves absolutely may be called a god...


Experience: +110

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