The Path to Novograd




Use the portal to escape the doomed allod.


Soon the Astral will swallow up this miserable allod. We should head through the portal ourselves now. Soon we will be safe and sound in Novograd!

Here, take this. It's a magical Meteorite Stone that I found in my uncle's lab. According to his notes they're used to stabilize the portal to make sure we make it through in one piece!

Well, off we go. And may Tensess watch over us!


Hi there! I am Selene de Ardeur, the famous poet! How lucky you are to be stranded with someone like me. I'm sure you just adore my new poem, right? "Love is a magic country, where the spring rules..." You haven't heard it? Hm...

What do I mean by stranded? Well, look around. After we took the portal in Clement's Tower, we all thought that we'd appear in Novograd. But fate is a crafty feloness! We appear to have ended up on a deserted allod instead.

Amanda said that these strange Meteorite Stones that she gave us would make sure we got to the right place. But as you can see, she wasn't quite right. Poor thing, she is so upset right now!


Experience: +1950

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