The Admiral's Head



Kill Admiral Adrian Govorov and put his head in the Large Box. Then deliver it to an Imperial agent at the ZIT Headquarters.


I have poured the embalming solution into this sealed container. You will find the Admiral on his ship, all the way at the western end of this allod. When you kill him, make sure that you don't mess up his head! It needs to be completely intact, so aim your blows elsewhere!

I am afraid that this will be an exceedingly difficult task, but I don't know anyone else that would be able to do it. Maybe you know some powerful comrades that would be able to help you out.

After you get the head, put it in the box and deliver it to an Imperial agent at the ZIT Headquarters. I have sent word that you will be coming, and the army should have someone waiting to meet you. After that, they'll know what to do. Ah, magic is so useful, isn't it?


We were expecting you. I hope the admiral's head was not damaged en route.


Excellent, the head is in perfect condition. Now all we have to do is extract the information from the brain. This head may prove more valuable than a whole squad of Imperial soldiers!


Experience: +960

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