Despair Is a Grievous Sin


Talk to the cultists' leader, Dmitri Gromov, and the demons' leader, Goliath, at the cultists' camp. Then return to Father Semer Knef.
  • Goliath spoken to
    (If the General is not in the camp, he has gone outside. You may find him on the map.)
  • Dmitri Gromov spoken to
    (If the General is not in the camp, he has gone outside. You may find him on the map.)


The enemies of the Light have taken all the important positions. The attacks never cease, day or night. But all of our attempts have been futile! Every time we make the slightest advance, the enemy responds and we are driven back. Our soldiers are losing heart, and even the commanders have stopped charging into battle with any vigor. I summoned all the courage of the Light, all the inspiration of the holy spirit, to no avail. I have given up, to tell you the truth. Many of our kind hate you, my friend. Many of our fighters would gladly kill you if it weren't for our pact. But we've all heard of your military prowess! Your achievements truly demand respect.

That's why I wanted to ask you a favor. Talk to our commanders and find out what they think of our situation. The cultists' forces are led by Dmitri Gromov, while the demons follow Goliath.


Oh, Creator! Do not deny us your mercy. We need your host now more than ever!


Do you see what's happening with our commanders? Still, I do believe that there's hope. I can picture it now. Sarn didn't send you here for nothing. His ways are mysterious; I can only try to understand them. I think that you and your friends are just the ones to inspire our commanders, to fill their exhausted hearts anew with hope, and to lead by example. Remind them how to fight! Talk to our strategist, Punch the Furious.


Experience: +2900

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