Cold Welcome



Destroy the security Mechanoids and report to Herbert de Vevre.


As you already know, this place is mostly secured by Mechanoids. They do it pretty well - the scientists have been long gone, and they are still protecting the complex! But what if the Mechanoids were affected by the modifying crystal, too? Would they continue following the instructions, or would they turn against their owners? This is a tricky question, and we will have to answer it.
The modified Mechanoids that secure the laboratory are blocking our way. I have no clue what they are capable of. It seems that neither elves nor ZIT Headquarters have ever seen this kind of technology. I wish we didn't have to destroy them.
Come back as soon as you deal with them.


The construction of the robots suggests that they were designed to operate in pairs. Though occasionally they can turn the fire against each other.


I will ask our technicians to find out as much as possible about these Mechanoids. There may be many more mechanical modificants like these ones that we will have to deal with. I will keep you informed.
Enough with the talking. Let's get to work.

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