Unexpected Guests




Kill the Lictor.


Listen and memorize. Each element has its own power. When you touch an element, it shares its power with you. Water heals your wounds, fire boosts your energy, air makes you very, very fast, and earth gives you reliable protection. Ask...
What's going on?! I sense presence of a strange spirit, but cannot see it. Help...


I see it in your eyes that you expected another kind of talk with the old man? Well, sorry. I warned you that your actions incurred the wrath of mighty enemies. Luckily for you, those are my enemies too.


To defeat one of the minions of Sihal, the master of this giant illusion... Once again, I was right in assessing your abilities. Without my help, though, you're going to be stone-cold dead very soon.
Remember I promised to show you how deep the rabbit hole was? I guess you'll have a few minutes to get ready for the journey while I'm opening the entrance. A way back is not foreseen, sorry - it's a one-way ticket.


Experience: +4340

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