A Glimpse into Banks




Speak with Grigory Gubin in Yasker's Tower.
  • Ask about the bank


Attention, attention!

The doors of the Nezebgrad Bank are open to all citizens of the Empire! Now everyone can have a place to store their valuables. The Empire guarantees the security of all items stored with the Nezebgrad Bank, so go visit it today!

You know, I haven't had a moment's trouble since the bank opened. Now I don't have to worry about my stuff getting stolen or damaged. I used to think it was better to throw things away than be tormented by the anguish of such possibilities. But the Bank is an excellent solution to those problems!

Best of all, the employees are all so polite and willing to answer any questions! Don't believe me? Go and see for yourself. It's on the first floor of Yasker's Tower.


Welcome to the Nezebgrad Bank! How can I help you? Shall I outline how things work around here? It's really quite simple!


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