The Magic of Light?



Try to get in touch with a ghost in the Bandit's Camp with the Coba Stone.


Don't be scared. It's ok.

But... It's so extraordinary. Magic of Light! These ghostly spirits were created by magic of Light, and that same holy magic are powers used by the Church! Don't tell anybody our shocking discovery! We need not panic. I know what to do.

I have an artifact from Coba Plateau. It was created by mages with the help of those artifacts of darkness called shards of Light. By using it we can fuse it with the magic of Light and see what happens.

I would like to use the shard on a rational being and have an opportunity to contact him later. But we can't do it within the village. As the legend goes, bandits inhabit a camp north of the Windswept Foothills, so that would be the right place to run our test. Can you approach one of those ghostly bandits and use stone on them? Try to do it. It is very important!




Save... Save me!


Experience: +1250

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