Spark Hardening



Harden your Spark by completing exercises of Klavdia Kalugina to prepare yourself for the final ritual.
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I will tell you how we can confront our enemy!

We can use his technology and make it better and more powerful. Nihaz, my benempt father, came to this conclusion.

Do you remember the story about the Dragon of Kirah? What do you think Nihaz is going to do with it? He is already immortal.

He wants this heart for you. Only we, apart from the Great Mages, will use the power of the Dragon's Blood in a different way. They wanted their bodies to be immortal, but we will harden our Spark.

Spark... is more reliable. A Great Mage can be killed, but Spark is much more difficult to destroy.

So, how are you going to harden your Spark?

You have to complete three exercises. It's pretty like your morning exercises. If you make it right, you will be ready for the ritual of Reincarnation.

What is it? It is an ability to transfer your soul to other bodies. When I was talking about enemy's technology I meant this.

It is a possibility to start a new life but with the experience from your previous life and with abilities which are not available to ordinary mortals.

Are you interested?

Let's start the training.


Come on! Don't be lazy!

Immortality is not easy to get!


Now I can tell that everything is ready.

Almost ready.


Experience: +5045

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