A Dangerous Game



Use the first clue and attempt to kill hyena to find the second clue and report your findings to Semer Senedj.


Well, here's your first clue. As you know, the hyena is our mascot. I personally don't believe in this shamanic mumbo-jumbo, but the soldiers believe they are special creatures and they treat them with great reverence. Just try to touch our hyenas and you'll see for yourself!

Stop making bug eyes at me. That's it! I don't have to tell you anything else, so you're on your own now!


Ah, hello colleague! I'm glad to see you! This is so frustrating, I feel like banging my head against these rocks! Unfortunately that wouldn't help much.


You were told about some strange totem too, eh? I'm certain that this is the thing they were talking about, but I have no idea how it's connected to our task.

I've tried pouring hyena blood over the thing, but it's no use. The documents have to be hidden here, but how do we get to them?! Those damn Blues... What, hold on, I've got an idea!


Experience: +1100

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