The Curse of the Valir Castle



Destroy the Curse on the Valir castle and report to Dakkar de Desirae.


Now we're left with the most important task.

Svetlana has been saved but the castle is still cursed. It can never be lifted while the guardian, a loyal servant of Tep, lives. His name is Mor'Ghuun and he is one of Tep's monstrous creations, born of some ancient magic I have yet to learn. It was his appearance that killed all of the castle's inhabitants and condemned them to eternal torture.

We won't have to wait for him too long. We've intruded into his domain - we stood against him and challenged him openly. He'll be here any minute.

I hope you are strong enough to destroy the Curse. You, because I will remain with Svetlana - she needs my help and support right now.


Indeed, this will be a great feat! A victory over Castle Blight!


That's the end of that story! The enemy has been destroyed and evil has been punished. One day people will return to the castle and the sun will shine on it once more.


Experience: +2310
  • +500 reputation points with Elves

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