Here, Give It to Me!



Fight the garbage collectors at the Dump to obtain 20 parts of the device and bring them to the Buzzing Family in the Refuge.


Damn it! Garbage collectors already got their hands on the ship and disassembled it to parts. Even if the device was here, it turned into building materials for Tep's construction works.
However... Maybe not all is lost yet! The device was kept in the depths of the ship, and it was only a while ago that metal pincers found it. You need to shake down the local trash collectors: maybe they didn't take the parts far.


Nice parts! Only there are few of them. You sure it's all there was?


Amazing. Are those Imperials smart or what! It's a pity the iron dummies destroyed such beauty. We can't promise anything, but we'll try fixing it.


Experience: +1240

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