Sarnaut’s Gods


  • Faction: Empire


The games of Gods shake Sarnaut. Their intentions are grand, their aims unknown. You need to be a god’s equal to comprehend this. What is it that makes a god? What grants them power to create and destroy? Are gods born gods?

Stage 1

This step of the World Mystery is started by finding the pagan amulet at the Oucasts in Umoir (Level 56) and finished near Klavdia Kalugina’s image at Covert Hide’s pagan shrine (Level 59).
Faith empowers gods. It is not enough to have faith in yourself. You need others to have faith in you! The more faith, the stronger the god.

Stage 2

You can start this stage by speaking with Zayan on Avilon at level 60. It leads to Ferris and the Gates Project. Speak with Yasker in Yasker's Tower to complete it at level 65.
The Architect... A divinely powerful enemy from the other world, completely alien to anyone who lives in Sarnaut. But if gods' power is in the strength of their worshippers' faith, where does the Architect derive his power from? And what, apart from faith, can be pitted against such a mighty enemy?

Stage 3

This stage of the World Mystery starts with a letter from Elizaveta Rysina (Level 65) and ends at Eladia on Dane (Level 70).
The Architect has returned to Sarnaut to establish the New Order, so lifeless and terrifying in its severity. The enemy will stop at nothing and can only be defeated by the power of faith. League and Imperial soldiers have united in an Alliance and stopped the onslaught of the countless enemy hordes, but will their faith be strong enough to destroy a creature that does not believe in anything... Anything but its own rightness?

Stage 4

This stage of the World Mystery starts with the letter from Ivan Chelezny at level 70. It leads to Dane. Speak with Eladia in the Silver Valley to complete it.
The Sculptor is a detached part of the Architect's mind who has gained his own consciousness and tried to convert the people of Sarnaut into his religion, promising them peace, well-being, and eternal Order. The fanatics' faith was so strong that it created a new, twisted life form, which embodied their idea of "eternal deity". Fortunately, the heroes defeated the spawn of the sick mind, but who knows what else a true faith is capable of? Can anyone stand against that kind of power at all?

Stage 5

You can start this stage by speaking with Eladia near the Winter Palace on Dane at level 70. It leads to the Battle of Gods. Speak with Yasker in Yasker's Tower to complete it.
Can one kill a god? Only those who survived the battle between Sarn and the Architect know the answer.
The gods have fallen. Crazy Sarn died, defeated by the mighty Architect. The Architect has perished, overtaken by Chaos. Now Sarnaut is saved - or doomed.
The fate of the world is now upon the shoulders of its children: Kanians, Xadaganians, Orcs, Elves, and others born under the broken skies. Will they become the new gods, or simple mortals can never fathom the nature of divine power? Will they harness the Astral, or does their only way to salvation lead beyond the limits of Sarnaut? Whatever they are going to choose, it will be their own path and their burden...

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