Another Ordinary Day



Listen to Herbert's story and report to Yaver Gnostis.


Well, the main mission of our expedition was completed. Here somewhere the life of Herbert de Vevre comes to an end... died tragically, by the hand of a maddened clone. Or an Imperial agent. Or an unknown creature from another world. Anyway, no one will ever know the truth about neither Herbert nor Charles. I will take care of it.
I guess you want to know why I pretended to be a Historian. That's a long story... To keep it short, the source of Tep's power was haunting me, the biggest mystery of the world! So I had to change my personality. I thank Zayan - he believed in me, and I didn't let him down. I solved that mystery! Well, almost. But now the League and the Empire have to step in. This is not something an ordinary elf can handle.
Yes, I am afraid to hear the answer. And I have nothing to be ashamed of - now I have the one who fills my life with light and warmth. I will not give it away for any mysteries of history!


So little time, so much to do... Do you have any important news?


I must admit I never thought I'd discover such incredible things in this hole on the outskirts of the Astral! Just think of it! Another cloning technology, an otherworldly mineral, transmutation of living organisms... We are still studying the records of those scientists - luckily for us, they documented everything!
Some of the experiments deserve to be continued. Cloning, for example. From what Herbert says, I derived that the girl preserved a bit of humanity that she inherited from the prototype. A living being, sentient and conscious, deprived of a Spark! Zayan will be fascinated by this technology.
Thank you for all your efforts!


Experience: +4440

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